HGH Supplement will make you Stronger – Truth or Myth?

You might have already heard about HGH supplements. Human growth hormone or HGH is a very essential hormone that the body needs for us to reach our maximum height, give us lean muscles as well as provide us with strength. This is why there are so many HGH supplements these days as people look for ways to have increased strength and energy. But do these supplements really work?

Production of Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland our entire life. However, as we grow older, the secretion decreases in intensity. We get the highest levels of human growth hormone in our childhood years. Its decline begins as we reach around 20 years old and this time, it decreases by 14%. The level of decrease will continue and by the age of 80, we only get 20% of the human growth hormone from our childhood years.

HGH supplement for improved strength

Because of the decrease in the production, we encounter the effects of aging such as weak immune system, low sexual desire, loss of body mass, wrinkles and fine lines and many more. Human growth hormone is important so that our cells will continue to grow and re-grow. This is why as we grow old, we start getting wrinkles because the cells in the skin are not able to grow new cells as much as we did when are younger. This is also true when it comes to our strength.

HGH Supplements in Increasing Strength

It is true that human growth hormone can increase our strength. This is why there has been such hype when it comes to HGH supplements. Not only do HGH supplements make us stronger, it also gives us lean muscles mass, stronger bones, better memory and focus, improved immune system and youthful skin.

Taking HGH supplement comes in three forms: injections, oral sprays and pills. In terms of safety and ease, pills are more highly recommended. Injections are often difficult to acquire because they require doctor’s prescriptions and other than that, they also cost thousands of dollars not to mention the many side effects that come with it. Oral sprays and pills are a lot safer and you get to achieve its benefits without the side effects.


In conclusion, HGH supplements really do work in giving us improved strength. They are not just myths and you can get lots of benefits in taking them. However, you need to make sure you get the legit HGH supplements that are approved by FDA and scientifically proven and tested. Because of the popularity of HGH supplements, many companies are producing scam products.

Be wise when choosing the best HGH supplement out there and make sure to check out as many reviews of the product as you can find before purchasing it. Always beware of scams.